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The Art of Rubber Band – Calvin Liew en Skymember

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Als je kunt optreden met slechts maar één object: wat zou dat object dan zijn?

Die keuze is voor Calvin Liew makkelijk: hij presenteert namelijk met trots The Art of Rubber Band.

In dit project leer je negen van zijn elastiekjes effecten van Calvin Liew die direct uit zijn repertoire komen. En het beste van dit project? Ze zijn totaal gimmickless. Dit is wat je gaat leren:


Un-band: Wrap the rubber band around your hand and show both sides, with the simple hand clap, the rubber band instantly change to your desired object. Paperclip, coins, ring or even a strawberry, you name it.

Compress: Have rubber bands that are too big? Just shrink them!

Xscape: Calvin’s take on the amazing crazy man’s handcuffs. With the simple clap, the rubber bands instantly separated.

RGB: Different people have different taste in color. Being able to change the color of the rubber band that you are using is an advantage. One hand or two hands change, your choice.

Time Lapse: The most visual TNR rubber band magic that can be performed with one hand.

Zhadow: Beautifully vanish the rubber band right in front of your spectator.

Air: Draw the rubber band in the air.

Reverse: Have a request to do it again after performing the Crazy Man’s Handcuffs? Why not perform it in reverse this time! Link the rubber bands together without your spectator realizing it.

Bandcuffs: Having the audience involved in the act will always make the performance more fun. Put two rubber bands together and invite a member of your audience to pinch your thumbs and index fingers which are the only exit for these bands. With a simple motion, the rubber bands can still be separated.

Welcome to The Art of Rubber Band.

What you will receive:

– Crystal Clear Instructional DVD.
– One starter pack of authentic rubber bands from 5 different countries.

  • 10 x Joe Rindfleisch’s Rainbow Rubber Bands.
  • 10 x Vietnam Standard Rubber Bands.
  • 10 x Malaysia Standard Rubber Bands.
  • 10 x Japan Standard Rubber Bands.
  • 10 x China Standard Rubber Bands.

Note: Tutorial with English subtitle without voice over.

Thoughts from the professional magicians:

“This is great rubber band magic DVD; a lot a visual rubber band magic is happening here.”
– Joe Rindfleisch

“Great, highly visual, I LOVE IT!”
– Dan Hauss

“Calvin and I frequently exchange ideas and get inspired by each other. His rubber band magic is always a refreshing eye-opener for me.”
– Hanson Chien

“Wow! I loved the ideas Calvin has released. They are high-impact, visual with clear instruction. Great work!”
– Vince Mendoza

“Easy to do, yet very visual and powerful!”
– Alexander Kolle


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