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Compact Vase GOLD – Voitko

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Many magicians perform the Sands of the desert trick. In this trick, the visual effect is extremely important, so that all spectators can see how you’re pouring the sand into the vase, how the sand is getting mixed, how the water inside the vase is getting darker.

If the vase isn’t the stem one and merely stands on the table, then the visual effect becomes far less impressive than it’s supposed to be.

With a tall stem vase, the visual effect is enhancing. On the other hand, a tall stem vase is not convenient for transportation. It not only occupies much space in the baggage, it is also fragile and heavy.

We’re offering the perfect solution – a portable Compact Vase for the Magic Sand trick!

Magic sands trick with our Compact Vase on a high leg more visible to spectators!


– The vase is specially made of shatterproof plastic material.
– The vase is 26 cm in diameter and 10cm in height.
– Compact and light weight vase.
– The vase height is 33 cm in the assembled condition.
– Disassembled, the vase dimension is 10cm in height.
– The total weight is 1.300 kg.
– All other parts are made of polished aluminum. The footing of the vase stem is stable.
– Convenient to transport. Everything is packed in one bag.
– Available in two color – silver and gold.

This set includes:

Vase – 1
Vase stem and footing – 1
Shipping bag – 1
Three glasses for sand – 3


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