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Twinkling Magic Wand – Funtime Magic

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A Magic Wand is as much part of the traditional Magician’s image as his Top Hat and Tail Coat, and audiences expect every magician to use one to make his magic happen. Most magicians do use a Wand, not just for the image, but because it can be an useful accessory for their subterfuges, or add a touch of novelty to their acts. Dozen of special and off-beat wands have been created to fill this need.

The Twinkling Magic Wand is a regular size magic wand, (11.5″ long and 0.5″ diameter) made of metal, powder coated in black, with gold tips. And one end of it twinkles, with a glow in alternating colors, whenever the performer wishes. The glow is quite visible under normal light, and very prominent under subdued lighting, – wave this and it appears to emit twinkling stars.  You can even use the wand close up, and the twinkling is entirely under your control, with the complete “electronics” built into the wand. All you need to do is to change the button cells (supplied) every few months if you use this regularly in your act.

The Twinkling Magic Wand also exactly matches our Color Changing Wand, so you can combine the two if you wish, changing a red wand to black, then having the wand twinkle when you wish. Supplied complete (including batteries) and ready to work, with instructions for use.


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