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As all magicians agree, there are three ways to complete magic: technique, props, and misdirection.

The first two can be said to be the foundation of learning magic, but misdirection is still a superb skill that only a few people can flexibly use.

As a result, few people in this field can impress us beyond the gods of misdirection Slydini and Tommy Wonder.

The works they left have become the best misdirection materials for new generations to learn, among which Tommy Wonder’s The Two-cup Routine can be regarded as the best ones.

Before we move on, let’s take a look at Tommy Wonder’s The Two-cup Routine that you’ve probably seen countless times.

The two-cup Routine is a cups and balls routine created by Tommy Wonder in 1976. It was first taught to the community in The lecture “Original Magic from Holland” in 1977.

Five years later, Tommy Wonder released it publicly in The book Tommy Wonder Entertaines, and after 14 years of tweaks, The final version was published in The Books of Wonder.

The two-cup Routine has been honed for 20 years, and finally made its mark in The history of Cups and Balls. It has a poetic mood, superb technique, and perfect Misdirection.

You probably haven’t seen anyone do this before other than Tommy Wonder, and one of the main reasons is that it’s hard to find a perfect set of cups and bag.

One of the best Tommy Wonder cups and balls ever made was a set made by renowned Dutch craftsman Auke Van Dokkum, which retailed for $675.

With the efforts of Bluether Magic and Raphael, we finally obtained the authorization of Tommy Wonder’s family to reproduce these classic props.

Let’s take a look at the most delicate part of this set of props — the bag and the pompon.

Tommy Wonder himself is extremely meticulous in his pursuit of details, so this set of props needs to be treated with care all the more.

The part of making the cloth bag and pompon is the longest, about four months. There is a story behind it:

To avoid any mistakes during the performance, in a tribute to the original, the pompon and rope are connected by the original spiral structure, rather than the more simple magnetic design.

But after the bag and the pompon are all finished, Tom Stone suggested that the rotation Angle can be adjusted from the original 360° to 180° so that the secret move can be smaller and easier. So the production team started thinking, what’s the limit of the rotation Angle?

Finally, after a lot of trial and error, the answer was 45 degrees, as long as it was solid and reliable. A very small movement can easily separate the pompon from the bag.

So they are all remade, and the previous four batches of the finished product are all abandoned.

Take a look at the main part – Cups.

The design of the cups refers to the retro paper cups to pay tribute to Auke.

The very mature and high-quality cups and balls manufacturing process is used, which is the same as RNT2 and MK cups and balls to ensure the quality of the cup. The mold has been changed dozens of times for adjustment.

* Two fine brass cups;

* One handmade special blue knitted bag (pompon included) & three orange balls;

* Exquisite packaging & tutorial.


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