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The Shift Volume 2 – Ben Earl

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The Shift #2 is eindelijk hier! Dit is het tweede boek van de serie, en geloof het of niet, maar they stepped up their game! Het bevat nu meer inhoud en aandacht aan details dan eerst!

The Shift Volume 2 van Ben Earl gaat verder waar volume 1 is geëindigd.  Met materiaal die gebruikt kan worden in de handen, zonder tafel, krijg je 3 geweldig mooie effecten, drie theoretische kijken op klassieke effecten en drie theoretische artikelen die je kunnen en begrijpen zullen triggeren.

Je krijgt:


Stepping Stones – A baffling three-phased sequence of productions and transformations with ‘thought of’ cards. This in-the-hands gem was specifically designed for maximum impact in the real world while making it appear that you can predict someone’s thoughts and effortlessly manipulate their perceptions.

Slow Roll – A truly impossible card location in which the spectator genuinely shuffles the deck, freely selects a card, freely returns the card and genuinely shuffles the deck again… yet the card can be found in any way the performer wishes. This is a beautiful disguise for an ancient principle… and will baffle anyone who sees it.

M-Theory – A hyper-surreal handling of the Ambitious Card in which a selection and a signature repeatedly appear and disappear at different moments in time and space. This routine leaves the spectator with an ‘impossible object’ as a keepsake and will inspire a new appreciation for this classic effect.


The Erdnase Top Palm – New insights, advice and a detailed breakdown of the best top palm in the world.

The Riffle Force – A subtle finesse on the classic Riffle Force which you will immediately start using.

A False Swing Cut – An amazing in-the-hands False Cut which looks extremely natural. Ben has popularized this technique in recent years and has some beautiful touches which make it impossible to detect.


Breaking The Frame – An essay which builds on the material in #1 and provides deeper insights into how we can make our card magic more deceptive with very simple alterations to our technique.

The Art of Practice – A sequence of six unique training drills to improve your magic technique-using nothing but a rubber ball and your feet!

Influence and Deception – The second in a series of essays dealing with the nature of deception and its relationship to magic. This ‘type’ of information and research has previously only been available within UK military/government groups.




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