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iHole by Raphael Macho video DOWNLOAD

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The cord from a borrowed pair of headphones is threaded through a borrowed ring, with NO moves whatsoever. The spectators can even PULL on the headphones. After a magical gesture, the headphones melt through the ring!

Everything is instantly examinable.

You can even link the ring back onto the headphones! (Bonus effect!)

iHole is a practical, everyday magic trick, which is totally organic and natural. You don’t need to carry any suspicious ropes with you. Just grab your everyday headphones, and your everyday ring – and perform a simple and direct miracle for your audience!

Download the video and learn the modern way to perform this stupendous effect!

Nicolaus Einhorn – for his ring and rope routine
Gregory Wilson – for his ring and rope work
Jay Sankey – for his Ilink DVD

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