Dead Lock – Michael Murray

Dead Lock – Michael Murray

Dead Lock – Michael Murray


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Dead Lock was initially launched at the 2019 Blackpool convention and sold out immediately.  Since then, demand for this product has been so high that each subsequent delivery has sold out before it has even hit the shelves thus making it the singular most successful MindFX release ever!

Using the custom manufactured Dead Lock gimmick you will be able to give your participant the ability to intuit the specific four digit combination that opens the padlock (supplied).  Alternatively you can use this lock to correctly intuit your participants exact date of birth, having them open the lock by entering this date as a four digit combination.

Pushing things further, we have recently opened up a Facebook group for owners of this product which houses bonus routines and additional handling suggestions that are bound to delight those who purchase this item.

Note: A 35 page e-book for all owners (new or existing) is now available.  Please email [email protected] with your order number to gain access to this bonus material.

The Three Sizes:

To satisfy demand, three lock sizes have been produced (see the secondary image on this product page for a size comparison).  The specific dimensions for each size are detailed below –

  • Original = 20mm x 61mm (height includes clasp)
  • Medium = 28mm x 77mm (height includes clasp)
  • Large = 38mm x 88mm (height includes clasp)

What is the US Variant?: 

When it comes to dates, we recognise that those in the US may prefer to have the participant enter the month before the day (i.e. month/day, rather than day/month format).

Due to the methodology behind this effect, we are very pleased to provide our US customers a mont/day variant that facilitates this preference.

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    Kevin van Hoof (geverifieerde eigenaar)

    Er zijn meerdere slotjes verkrijgbaar echter is Michael Murray zijn Deadlock weer net even wat anders. Het slotje is van een goede kwaliteit en is in tegenstelling tot andere slotjes door jezelf in te stellen. Persoonlijk vond ik de demo van Michael wat langdradig. Er is echter een Facebook group waarin meerdere opties en ideeën besproken worden wat het een waardevolle investering maakt.

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