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Corner Splitter Jig – The Perfect Shuffle

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So, what is a Corner Splitter Jig?…

Split playing cards are essential in the making of special types of gaffs. The Corner Splitter Jig is a simple playing card gaffing device which allows the user to split the corner of a playing card into it’s component layers; front, back & glue. It gives the user the ability to choose between the front or back layer to split.

Using the Corner Splitter Jig is easy!

No more bashing a card on the table and getting frustrated trying to pry a layer off. The Corner Splitter Jig allows you consistently split a corner, choose the face or the back and dog ear it. Quick!

Insert a card, bend the card’s exposed corner back & forth from front to back a few times, stroke the jig’s rubber layer over the card’s bent corner.

The card is split!


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