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Close Up Journey I by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

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Coin Opener – A terrific and easy-to-do coin routine that will have the kids (and adults!) laughing hysterically!

For Lovers Only – A very easy-to-do “Anniversary Waltz” that every magician should have in their repertoire for those special spectators!

CSS – Here is a coin transposition that appears utterly impossible… wait until you see the fantastic, easy-to-do sleight that is TOTALLY baffling!

Jumping Jacks – This card assembly by Paul (one of his favorite effects) is shocking! The performer makes the Jacks assemble at the leader position… but the spectator has cut to the four Aces! IMPOSSIBLE!

Inside-Out Aces – Paul’s take on a Nate Leipzig and Doc Daley effect!

Up and Down – Brilliant effect by Dai Vernon!

BONUS! – Paul explains (with photos), the elusive “Retention of Vision” coin pass! Learn the “secret” to one of the greatest coin passes of all time!

Download the eBook and start performing!

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