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The Premium Magic Store is a magic store that not only distinguishes itself through the range and our customer service, but also through all the options in the field of custom work. Are you looking for custom work? Please contact us and we'll see what we can do for you! 

Professional machines

The Premium Magic Store owns a professional CO2 laser machine that is also used for the Vorst&Bosch close-up pads and tables. The laser machine can engrave images, texts and logos in materials such as fabric, leather and wood. Perfect as a magician to place your own logo or name on your magic mat or other attribute.

In addition, The Premium Magic Store has a professional 3D printer that can also be used to make the coolest projects!

Complete customization

We have already made custom cases, magic mats or transport covers for various magicians in the Netherlands and abroad, exactly to their wishes. We even made a complete branding/act for the Zoltar Act that you see above. 

 You determine the requirements, the colours, the fabrics and we will see what is possible. In collaboration with JV Design, we also closely examine the sturdiness and construction, so that you can make optimal use of it. 



Do you also want to learn the art of deception and the art of amazement? And do you also want to receive such cool reactions? The Premium Magic Store is happy to offer coaching in the field of magic and mentalism. We can quickly find out which areas of magic you like and get into them.

In no time you can amaze your friends, colleagues and relatives with your impossible tricks and effects. 

Eoin O'hare's 'The Perfect Shuffle' – make your own gaff decks

The Premium Magic Store carries the complete range of 'The Perfect Shuffle' by Eoin O'Hare. This allows us to edit and adjust all maps ourselves. We can make custom decks so that you get exactly what you want. So you can in fact have your own GAFF Deck made! A genius invention from beautiful Ireland! 

Ask about all the possibilities!

Do you have a project that needs custom work? Or do you just have an idea in your head and do you want to discuss the possibilities of that idea? Please feel free to contact The Premium Magic Store.

We would be happy to see what we can do for you!

Contact us quickly with your wishes, because The Sky Is The Limit.

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